Youth Development

Young Leaders: this program builds job and leadership skills in youth ages 11-15, through a program that combines creative work in the community, life skill workshops, career day visits to professionals in a variety of fields and group projects.  Youth progress through a series of steps to build work skills, while practicing leadership in the community.  They receive stipends for their participation.


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Projects that youth have worked on in the past include: painting murals on garages hit by graffiti, planting pollinator-attracting gardens, developing recycling programs and surveying neighbors.

Young Explorers: this program offers children ages 6-11 the opportunity to explore nature, science, the arts, the neighborhood and the city.  Field trips in the past have included farmer’s markets, environmental centers, theaters, parks and cultural sites.

With St. Paul’s, Semilla offers a week-long summer day camp and other enrichment activities for children.


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