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Strange times, 2020.  Many challenges for all of us: economic, social, political, emotional, spiritual.  No one could have predicted all that has happened this year, and all of us have been affected in many ways.

In the middle of all this upheaval, we at the Semilla Center have sought to continue to do what we always do: build a more beautiful, strong and green community by energizing the incredible talents around us.  Our Young Leaders had to wear masks and keep their distance, but they created murals and a cranky puppet show, and worked for environmental justice.  We wore masks and kept distance on our Peace Lantern Procession, but we kept marching for peace.

The arts have suffered a lot during the pandemic.  We know you may not have a lot to give right now.  But we also know that the arts bring us together, across time and space.  They inspire us, challenge us and give us hope.  We plan on doing this vital work next year and into the future.  We hope you will join us by supporting us financially this year.

Our Give to the Max page is:

Thank you!
If you haven’t seen this short video, please take a look at one of our Semillas who has blossomed:

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