Healing art in times of trauma
We need each other more than ever!

Dear friends of the Semilla Center for Healing and the Arts,

Like other organizations, we have suspended all in-person activities until further notice. We want our artists, volunteers and participants in our programs to be safe and healthy.   We hope that our event “Art for All” will take place in the fall, as well as our residencies in schools and clinics.  We will keep you posted on summer programs.

But that does not mean that we have nothing to offer in these challenging times.  While it may be harder to be physically together, we need to be together in so many ways.  Art has been proven to help us heal from trauma.  And art doesn’t have to be grandiose or hugely expensive.  The photo above is of our artistic director, Pastora Luisa, at a temporary art show in a boulevard a block from her house.  The sign says, “Pass It On”.

We want to encourage you to Pass It On during this time.  Send us a photo of something artistic in your house or yard or neighborhood.  It doesn’t have to be something you made or an “official” artist made.  The old pipes in our basements and the flowers poking through winter’s remnants are pretty cool!  Send us a photo and we’ll put it on our Facebook page.

We’re still keeping busy. The sixth issue of our literary magazine The Phoenix of Phillips is out in the neighborhood monthly paper, and will soon be at cafes and churches, once they are open.  It will be up on our website soon.   Our Executive Director, Pr. Patrick was out cleaning the drain we adopted, and delivered bags to an elementary school student who takes care of emptying the trash and recycling containers by Shalom Garden.

We’re doing OK financially, and able to pay our artists; so if you have money to give, consider giving it to a food shelf.  They are really struggling, and more and more people need their help.

We set the themes for The Phoenix of Phillips over a year in advance. Guess what the next theme is?  “Struggle”!  If you can’t write something about that in these times, you’re not even trying!

Patrick is posting a poem a day during this National Poetry Month on his Facebook page: PatrickPoet.  You got some to share?  Great!

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