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Our Youth Photography Project is up at The Egg and I Restaurant 2828 Lyndale Ave S. in Minneapolis!  We got the word a few days ago, and put together a retrospective of youth photos from the past 12 years, including new ones from Summer 2019.  “Phillips: God’s Backyard” will be up for a few weeks, so don’t dilly-dally!  The Egg and I have great food—try the Kamikaze Pancakes!

Concert: On March 14, Carlisle Evans Peck and The Lady’s Slippers plays at St. Paul’s, with Still Unstill and Kenan Serenbetz.  Carlisle plays worship services at St. Paul’s, as does Peter Breen from Still Unstill.  Doors open at 6 pm.  Sliding scale: $10-$20.  Check out the bands below:

Face Book event:



The Date is Still Saved!  “Art For All” our gala hands on fund and friend raising celebration is coming soon:

Saturday, May 16
5:00- 9:00 pm
Center for Changing Lives
2400 Park Avenue S. in Minneapolis

Live music, food, hands-on art!  We received our first silent auction item: two tickets to the Guthrie Theater.  Interested in volunteering? E-mail us at

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