This is the day!
 (What Are You Waiting For?)

It’s been really cold in Minneapolis this week—January-style cold not even halfway through November. Fortunately, our arts and healing program can take place indoors, year-round.

This week, our Artistic Director Luísa worked with participants and staff from the Multiple Sclerosis Achievement Center on a panel they began this summer.  Our new intern from Augsburg University, Jenny, began designing “hope signs” to be installed on corners in the neighborhood where drug and sex trafficking happen.  And our gardener par excellence Silas planned for round two of Harvest Fest at the end of the month.  Youth and adults will learn how to can salsa and jam, and help the soil grow, even during winter.

This is our last post for Give to the Max Day,  We just want to say three things:

  • Thank you!
  • Stop by to make art this winter!
  • Get ready for an amazing spring!

Here’s a couple of photos taken by our youth photographers, to help get you in the mood.  The four-footed friend is Fern, the resident deer at the cemetery down the street.


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