Come and listen to the Elm Tree!

Maybe you didn’t know that elm trees could talk!  Trees have been around much longer than we humans, and know how important our Mississippi watershed is.  They know that healthy land, healthy water, healthy air are vitally necessary to have a healthy community.  They are great teachers.  As part of our emphasis on neighborhood healing, we have been planting trees and pollinator attracting flowers for over a decade.  Now you have a chance to listen to how you can make a difference in caring for the wonderful natural habitat we share we elms and so many other creatures.

From now through November 4, Semilla will be hosting the Elm Tree Story Booth.  You can see it at, but you really want to come and experience it.  This Elm Tree is bilingual, interactive and is made from a real elm tree.  It will be outside our creativity center at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, 2742 15th Ave S. in Minneapolis.

Come and talk to the elm!  Come and listen!  Come and learn!  Fall is the time when nature prepares herself for resting and renewal.  We can prepare ourselves by taking care of the land and water we live on, the land and water that sustains us.

And if you think that trees can’t move, check this out!

Remember: Give to the Max Day is Thursday, November 14. Look for updates about programs and incentives on our page:  Our fiscal agent is St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, but all donations at this link go towards Semilla’s programs in the community.  Gracias!

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