Time to think gardens!

We just set a record for the snowiest February in Minneapolis, and more snow is on the way. So, it’s a perfect time to talk about gardens!  We never know exactly when we will be able to plant in Minnesota, but we do know that NOW is the time to plan for that planting.

The Semilla Center works with St. Paul’s Lutheran and neighborhood partners to care for the creation and the creatures that inhabit it.  This includes planting two vegetable gardens that youth tend, placing fruit trees in our Peace Garden, and working with neighbors to plant boulevard gardens that attract pollinators and reduce stormwater runoff.   With climate change affecting us more and more, everything we can do to help care for the earth makes a difference.

We know that a lot of you hearty people are gardeners, so we’d love to invite you to work with us this spring and summer.  Here’s some ways you can help “spread the green”…

  • If you are splitting perennials and have extras, we’d love to have them for boulevard gardens, particularly if they are flowering plants.
  • If you start your own seeds, and have extra plants, we’d love to take them! We especially want tomatoes, hot and sweet peppers, kale and eggplant.
  • Our annual “Pollinate Phillips” planting day will be Saturday, May 18, but if you’re able to volunteer before that, please contact us

¡Muchas gracias!

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